All of the Instructors with the Maine Shotokan Karate Association have been involved in the Shotokan style of Traditional Japanese Karate-Do for over 20 years.

Mike Cook, 7th Dan SKIF
Chief Instructor

Licensed Examiner and Referee. Mike has been training in the martial arts since 1963 and specifically in Shotokan Karate-Do since 1966. He has been to Japan for advanced training and for years has trained with over a dozen of the top Japanese Instructors in the world. Credits include armed and unarmed self defense training with the military, state and local police departments.

Milt Baston, 5th Dan SKIF, Instructor

Milt expects the best from his students and demonstrates the qualities he is looking for by being a top notch Kumite, Kata, and Kobudo competitor on a national and international level. He is equally well versed in both Kata and Kumite and for years has been a consistent winner in Kobudo competition with the Sai. Member of SKIF USA world tournament team South Africa 2003.



Lisa Turner, 4th Dan SKIF, Sempai, Instructor

Lisa is in charge of the beginner classes, as well as assisting in the intermediate and advanced classes. Her specialties are Kata, Self Defense, and the Sai and Bo. She has multiple tournament wins in both Kata and Kumite. Lisa is one of the highest ranking women in the Northeast within SKIF -USA and is highly respected in her field. Lisa is a certified Yang Ming Shi Tai-Chi Instructor and a member of the SKIF USA world tournament team Japan 2006.

Michele Farwell, 3nd  Dan SKIF, Instructor

Michele relates well with students of all ages, but her forte' is in teaching children. Her innate qualities of patience and kindness bring about a sense of harmony to the beginner level student's understanding of this unique art that we call Karate-do.  Michele has also competed and placed in national and international Karate tournaments. Her determination to "get it right" shows in her dedication to hard training and her "never give up attitude".  She is a member of the SKIF USA world tournament team Japan 2006.



Steve Adams, 3rd Dan AAKF- JKA

Instructor Steve is a Budo historian. His extra-sensory kumite skills combined with his former military "hand to hand" combat experience in Viet Nam require him to expect a high degree of skill from kyu grade students in both kumite and self defense training. Steve also is a consistent tournament winner in both Kata and Kumite. His Kobudo training includes the Bo, Sai, and Tanto

Alison Chakoumakos, 3rd Dan SKIF, Instructor

Alison is a former Maine Karate Association student.  She now lives in Santa Fe, NM and owns and operates the Rocky Mountain SKIF dojo. She is a certified Yang Ming Shi Tai-Chi Instructor and a member of the SKIF USA world tournament team Japan 2006. Alison makes 2 - 3 trips back to the east coast each year to train with us and further her study of Shotokan karate.

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